【1st & 2nd case】 Up to 4 hours OK [Sunday to Thursday only] 120 minutes Eat All-you-can-eat & Karaoke 120 minutes All-you-can-eat as 3500 yen
3500 yen

Sun - Trees only / 2 to 10 people

[One pair limited] course appears! A great deals on Sunday to Thursday only, you can have 120 minutes of all-you-can-eat drinks, 120 minutes of karaoke singing all-you-can-eat (there is also DAM), you can eat It is a great course of drinking! Singing it is OK !! Let's all get excited!


■ All-you-can-eat plans are two-hour system!

■ All you can drink up to 4 hours OK!

■ Karaoke model is Live DAM!